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low dose naltrexone

Is Low Dose Naltrexone a Good Option for Me?

That’s a great question! Low dose naltrexone has many benefits and can be helpful for a multitude of symptoms and conditions. So, what is low dose naltrexone? Naltrexone is a drug that in the traditional medical system, is used for opioid…
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thyroid affects ovulation

How the Thyroid Affects Ovulation

If you come to Julian Healthcare and tell us that your periods are irregular, your thyroid hormone levels will be on our list to test. When thyroid hormones are out of balance, it can cause every system in the body…
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healthy period

Troubleshooting Your Period

To have a healthy period, you must start researching and paying attention to your own body. Having a healthy period isn’t just important if you are trying to conceive. If your period is out of whack, it could be a…
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Freedom Is Waiting for You

My journey with Susan Julian began circa 2014 when she was practicing in New Castle. Susan began by writing down my timeline of events from the time I was born. I had a pretty traumatic childhood and Susan was able…
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healthy period

The Importance of Having a Healthy Period

It’s a wonderful time of year but instead of feeling gratitude, love, and peace, we often feel the pressures and stress of the holidays. The holidays this year may feel extra stressful because of how difficult this year has been…
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Vitamin B

Vitamin B’s Role in Staying Healthy

  Since there is no approved treatment for the COVID-19 virus, I was recently reading about different ways that we can help our body’s own immune system to be active against fighting it. I also believe that prevention in the…
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breast cancer prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about prevention. I want to share tips for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer, both for men and women. These tips will…
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toxin bucket

How to Keep Your Toxin Bucket From Overflowing

In last month’s blog, Toxins and Estrogen: What You Need to Know, we talked about how toxins from plastic affect the estrogens in both males and females. Some toxins from plastic make our estrogen levels higher because they trick our…
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toxins and estrogen

Toxins and Estrogen: What You Need to Know

At Julian Healthcare, we help many women who struggle with hormone imbalances. I have found that many women don’t even realize that there are so many things in their daily environment that are affecting their estrogen levels. Toxins and estrogen…
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