The Foundations of Immune Health

The development of our immune system begins before we are born. The health of our mother, her diet and lifestyle habits, and infections during pregnancy can have dramatic effects on our immune system development. Starting the day we are born, the immune system must protect us from the myriad of viruses, bacteria, and harmful substances in our environment. As we grow, the immune system becomes adept at identifying and responding to invasions by microbes or toxins.

However, the immune system can lose its abilities for a number of reasons. Poor diet, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, poor digestion, or chronic stress can all have significant consequences. Chronic immune dysfunction can show in a variety of ways, such as uncontrolled inflammation, increased susceptibility to colds and the flu, allergies, and autoimmunity. Although these diseases and symptoms can vary dramatically, the major underlying factors of disease are surprisingly similar. Don’t worry, there is good news… your immune function CAN be improved!

In order to improve immune health in our patients, we begin by evaluating diet, lifestyle, gastrointestinal health, and stress to uncover the underlying causes of immune dysfunction. By understanding the factors contributing to immune dysfunction, the steps to recovering immune function and optimal health become clear.

Are you experiencing uncontrolled inflammation, increased susceptibility to colds and the flu, allergies, or autoimmunity? Julian Healthcare can help you develop a proactive plan to optimize immune defenses and build the reserves needed to support health. Learn more about becoming a patient here.


Check back next week for tips to boost your immune system with lifestyle medicine.


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