It’s time for a new approach to healthcare.

Julian Healthcare Clinic uses a functional medicine approach to provide care plans customized specifically for you. Functional medicine uses natural healing medicine along with traditional medicine to help you achieve and maintain great health.

Listening to you, the patient, is the foundation for care at Julian Healthcare Clinic. Susan Julian, Nurse Practitioner and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, takes the time to listen to each patient’s history and background, serving as an investigator to find the best path toward health.

About Susan Julian, NP

Susan started Julian Healthcare to share her three decades of nursing experience and passion for functional medicine. Susan spent 12 years as a nurse practitioner in a family practice and brings that medical background to Julian Healthcare. “I see myself as an investigator, looking into the layers of each patient’s medical and personal background to find the root causes of illness.”

Payment options

Julian Healthcare Clinic does not have contracts with any insurance carriers. This means your investment in your health is due at the time of service, and you can work with your insurance company for re-imbursement. Some insurance companies may not provide re-imbursement. Our goal is to provide optimal care without intervention by an insurance company.

The most affordable way to access Julian Healthcare services is through our membership program. Find out more by clicking on the Membership link below.


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