toxins and estrogen

Toxins and Estrogen: What You Need to Know

At Julian Healthcare, we help many women who struggle with hormone imbalances. I have found that many women don’t even realize that there are so many things in their daily environment that are affecting their estrogen levels. Toxins and estrogen…
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The Pandemic We Ignore

Let’s talk pandemic. There is a lot of talk about the pandemic right now, but I want to talk to you about what’s on my heart regarding another pandemic we are facing. The definition of the word pandemic is “a…
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3 Simple Techniques to Manage Your Cortisol

In our last blog post, The Damaging Effects of Stress, we discussed how our body and mind respond to stress. Stress is a part of life that we, unfortunately, can’t always avoid. During the pandemic that we have been facing,…
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You Don’t Have to Do It Alone 

Having chronic health issues is a challenge in itself. On top of that, doing it alone without the support of others who can relate can make it even more challenging. Feeling lonely and not having a community to support you…
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