You Don’t Have to Do It Alone 

Having chronic health issues is a challenge in itself. On top of that, doing it alone without the support of others who can relate can make it even more challenging. Feeling lonely and not having a community to support you can negatively affect health outcomes. At Julian Healthcare we want to give you the best chance at healing that we can. Because of that, we have begun implementing group visits to help give you the support you need. Read below for the top two benefits of group visits!

Group Visits Bring Sense of Community

Group visits focus on one health condition that all the patients in attendance suffer from. This is beneficial because the patients will get to be in a room with multiple other people who are going through very similar circumstances. The patients in attendance will be in different stages of their health journey so they will all be able to learn from not only the practitioner but from each other as well. Having multiple people with many different perspectives all in one room is a great way for everyone to learn and share with one another the different tips and tricks that have helped them in their health journey.

group visits

You Receive More Time With the Practitioner

A huge benefit to group visits is that patients get more time with the practitioner for less money. The group visits at Julian Healthcare will be follow up visits and they will last 90 minutes versus the usual 30 minute follow up visits. This will give the patient significantly more time to learn directly from Susan at a lower cost. Having more time to learn helps patients to feel more empowered to make the changes needed in order to improve their health.

Coming together with others who are experiencing similar health trials helps foster a sense of community. Patients will have a safe space to seek encouragement. They will also have more time to learn from Susan and ask the many questions they may have. Group visits help patients see that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope!



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