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Essential Oils Can Help You Toward Holistic Health

Our bodies are complex machines comprised of physical and emotional parts that work together. When there is a disruption, either physical or emotional, things start to go wrong. Essential oils are a tool that can be used for physical and emotional benefits.

How can essential oils help you? Here are a few benefits:
– A stronger immune system
– Clearer, softer skin
– Improved mental focus and clarity
– Reduce the inflammatory response
– More fully­-rested nights
– Better moods
– A cleaner home

Utilizing certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils is the key. Make sure that the oils you are using meet these standards for maximum effectiveness. Chemical composition of the plants used in these pure therapeutic grade oils help our bodies relax, support various systems and assist our body to return to homeostasis, which is the optimal balance where our bodies work the best.

There are three ways to use essential oils.

  1. Aromatically- putting a drop in your hands and inhaling or using a water vapor diffuser to disperse the oil throughout the air.
  2. Topically- by applying the oil directly to a specific area for a desired benefit.
  3. Internally- adding a drop to water or into a veggie cap and taking with water or even adding to our favorite recipes to enhance our foods flavor.

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Thank you to Lisa Herd, Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, for providing this article. You can learn more about Lisa at


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