Direct Patient Care Membership Now Available

When Susan Julian, NP and certified functional medicine practitioner launched Julian Healthcare in 2017, a primary goal was to offer a comprehensive approach to wellness for each patient. As a result, Julian Healthcare will now offer a direct patient care membership opportunity.

Membership plans are available for both adults and children, with full details here.

Why should you consider becoming a member?

  1. Accessibility. Members will have access to Julian Healthcare staff outside of regular hours for phone and video consultations when an urgent need arises.
  2. Affordability. A membership to Julian Healthcare provides more than a 25% discount for visits within the membership terms. Members also receive discounts on other valuable services and workshops.
  3. Accountability. Knowing you’ve made an investment in your health, you will have regular contact with Julian Healthcare. This accountability will help you meet your wellness goals.

“True wellness is best delivered within a relationship, which is what we strive for at Julian Healthcare,” noted Susan Julian, NP. “The direct patient care memberships provide us an ideal way to provide care in a long-term, in-depth setting.”

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