Your health is priceless.

At Julian Healthcare, we want to help you lead your best possible life, and that begins with a healthy body and mind. A Julian Healthcare membership provides you with a lower-cost option for regular visits and accountability to guide you on the path to optimal wellness.

Membership Benefits  (see membership agreement below)

We continue to encourage our non-member patients to consider becoming members of Julian Healthcare for a variety of different benefits.  These benefits include:

  • Reduced fees for cash pay laboratory services through the clinic= 25% discount & no venipuncture fee
  • Includes clinic-administered medications and in-office testing at no additional charge
  • Access to Susan or staff via telephone after hours for urgent health concerns (not offered to non-members)
  • 30 minute health coach appointments included at no additional charge

Membership Fees (per month)

One adult or child: $100  (child <19 years old, with a chronic health condition, as determined by Julian Healthcare, but commonly a condition >3 months duration)

Well Child: 1 child  $40  |  2 children $65  |  3+ children $90  (4 visits per year; if > 4 visits are needed cost is $150 per visit per child)

Two Adults: $175.  Add 1 child $215  |  2 children $240  |  3+ Children $265  (Children are eligible for 4 visits per year; if > 4 visits are needed cost is $150 per visit per child)

One Parent with Children: 1 child $140  |  2 children $165  |  3+ children $190  (with the above 4 visit rule)




Please call the clinic at 765-530-8008 with any questions about our membership options.


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