Exciting Changes at Julian Healthcare

Julian Healthcare has some exciting news! Beginning this month, we will have a health coach available for our patients to meet with. We wanted to take this chance to explain what exactly a health coach is and why we believe coaches are an important asset on your health journey. We would also like to introduce our health coach, Joy Hinshaw.

What is a health coach?

A health coach is a mentor who builds a one-on-one relationship in order to make wellness plans and set goals that will work for the patient. Health coaches focus on the whole-person. They do this by considering the patient’s work and home routines, relationships, and emotional and spiritual lives to help shape their overall health. This holistic approach helps achieve sustainable health outcomes by making small, incremental changes. Health coaching is an important piece in the transformation of a patient’s health. 

How does health coaching benefit patients?

When a patient receives a diagnosis and a treatment plan at Julian Healthcare, it often involves a large amount of lifestyle change. This can be very overwhelming for patients. Now that the patient has their treatment plan and knows what they need to do, how do they make such drastic changes during an already trying time in their lives? That’s where a health coach comes into play. The health coach assists the patient in understanding their treatment plan. Then they offer the patient tools, motivation, and accountability to help guide them through lifestyle changes.

One of the biggest aspects of health coaching is goal setting. Coaches assist patients in setting goals to make healthy lifestyle changes that they will be able to implement for a lifetime. Health coaching is an amazing way for patients to get the support and encouragement they need while on their journey to optimal health. We strongly suggest health coaching be implemented into your current health journey.

Meet Joy Hinshaw, BGS, CHES, CCP-CHC

health coach joy hinshawJoy is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Chronic Care Professional Certified Health Coach. She is currently working on a Nutrition Degree to become a Registered Dietitian. Joy’s passion for helping others improve their health began with teaching a healthy eating class back in 2015. This certification brought about Joy’s own path to wellness in which she put into practice the principles she taught. Putting the principles into action resulted in both weight loss and cessation of blood pressure medication. She continues to practice those principles to this day. Joy will be working at the clinic as the health coach beginning this month. We are so excited to have her in the Julian Healthcare family!

If you would like more details or want to set up an appointment with our Health Coach, please contact our office at 765-530-8008. 


Julian Healthcare members will receive discounted health coaching sessions.

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