Re-booting Your Life

This is a great time to re-boot your life and get ready for a bright future of better health and overall well-being.

“After years of helping people get on track with re-gaining and/or maintaining their health, I have come to realize that the order or priority has to be getting the mind/spirit healed first,” explained Susan Julian, NP, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. “Without this piece, the follow through to get the body aligned through nutrition, activity, sleep, and stress management cannot be accomplished.”

Here is a path that can help you re-boot your life:

  1. EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL HEALING- This can sometimes be accomplished simply between you and God, but a spiritual/emotional counselor or therapist often helps.

    “When I see patients who have emotional or spiritual needs, I can refer them to someone in my small network of trusted counselors and therapists,” Susan shared. “These patients generally have successful outcomes when they follow this path toward healing emotionally and spiritually.”

  1. PHYSICAL FOCUS- The biggest priority is dietary change—73% of heart disease can be prevented or treated by lifestyle changes. This is not just a “diet:” it has to be way of life. Cut out sugars, including wheat/corn/rice for most people. Read labels! High fructose corn syrup is a toxin that causes liver failure and death. Anything ending in -ose (ie. Dextrose, fructose) is a sugar. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, don’t eat it! Eat whole, non-processed foods—yes, this means cooking real food. Your health is worth it!
  2. SLEEP WELL- Seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep can help your body and mind function at their optimum levels. Adequate sleep can help prevent heart disease and diabetes, and it can even improve your immunity. Your brain needs rest to make good decisions and maintain a good memory. Sleep is not a luxury, it is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. GET MOVING- At least 30-60 minutes of activity on most days can help decrease your risk for many diseases. Find an activity you enjoy that involves movement, and/or find a friend to share the activity with you. A brisk walk, group exercise class, even vigorously cleaning your house are ways you can stay healthy.
  4. STRESS MANAGEMENT- Look for ways to decrease the stress in your life and learn healthy techniques to deal with the ones you cannot. Try yoga or meditation. Schedule time for yourself. Look for opportunities to laugh throughout your day.

Here at Julian Healthcare, we want to help you re-boot your life! If you’re interested in a fresh start, set up an appointment with us. We have openings for patients at both our Hagerstown and Pendleton locations.

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