Healthy Eating for the Holidays

Large meals, Christmas parties, traditional treats… it seems the holidays are filled with opportunities to sidetrack our wellness plans. It’s important to find your balance between partaking in your favorite holiday foods and maintaining good health. Here are some tips to help:

1. Do not skip meals in anticipation of a party or get together, this will result in overeating. Instead, eat sensibly throughout the day so you do not feel deprived and “entitled” to extra treats.

2. Watch your portion sizes. Fill your plate with vegetables and protein first so there is less room for foods high in carbohydrates and added sugars. Avoid going back for second helpings.

3. Bring a dish or two to gatherings to ensure you have a healthy option. You can find some handy recipes over in our resources section. Here’s a link to a page that has some great recipes:

4. Eat a healthy snack before going to parties to curb your appetite. Munching on fresh veggies on your way to your event is a great way to avoid over-eating as soon as you arrive.

5. Give yourself permission to indulge, but do so sparingly and wisely. Consider choosing items that are special to the season, not things you have access to year-round. Eat slowly and enjoy your treat so that you don’t accidentally overdo it.

6. Have healthy snacks readily available at the office so you can steer clear from overeating the holiday treats. Healthy snacks may include veggies with hummus, apples and almond butter, nuts and seeds, boiled eggs, and avocados. Avoid going into the break room or where the holiday treats are located to decrease the urge to graze.

7. Use healthy substitutes when making dishes and desserts to take to gatherings. When baking, try coconut or almond flour, coconut milk, coconut sugar, pure maple syrup, and local honey.

Andrea Kelly is the Nutrition Coach for Julian Healthcare. Watch for details on upcoming group sessions with Andrea.

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