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Is Julian Healthcare for Me?

Susan Julian is a certified nurse practitioner in both family practice and functional medicine. As a family practice nurse practitioner, Susan can care for patients ranging in age and needs. As a functional medicine nurse practitioner, she can provide a more in-depth biochemical approach to find the root causes of ailments or to keep you from developing problems. Here are the types of patients we see at Julian Healthcare:

Patients looking for an in-depth look at a root cause for illness or symptoms.

If you are experiencing new or ongoing fatigue, mood disturbances, pain, allergies, diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, autoimmune conditions, or hormone imbalances, Julian Healthcare can help. Susan can be a consultant, meaning someone can keep their primary care provider and she can give suggestions for the specific problem. She can also provide total care, managing every aspect of a person’s medical needs- sometimes called a primary care provider.

Patients who have a non-emergency illness or injury.

Julian Healthcare is equipped to help with illnesses that may include sore throat, cough, and nausea/vomiting. We can also treat sprained ankles, minor cuts requiring stitches, and other minor injuries.

Patients who need a general physical examination.

Julian Healthcare can perform athletic physicals, and examinations for employment, school, or summer camp purposes.

Patients looking for answers beyond just taking prescription medication.

While Susan Julian, NP, can write prescriptions, as a functional medicine practitioner, she will explore all options. This will include but not be limited to lifestyle changes (nutrition/movement/sleep/stress management), supplements or herbs, referral for bodywork such as chiropractic and other forms of therapy, or mental/spiritual counseling.

Patients who need simple skin procedures.

Susan can remove warts, skin tags, and moles. She can also perform minor incisions and drain abscesses (boils).

Still not sure if Julian Healthcare is right for you? Schedule a discovery call with Susan! We will do our best to serve your health and wellness needs or refer you to a trusted partner who can help.

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